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Collection & Debt Recovery

Do you have clients /customers that are well past due your terms and have still not paid you?
You have called and you have emailed, you have reminded them politely, cajoled, tried to appeal to
their sense of fairness and even begged – all to no avail?

How much time have you and your staff spent making calls that go unanswered or are not returned?
How much time & expense have you and your staff spent sending letters and past-due statement
that get no response?

And when you finally do manage to get a hold of your debtor you get an elaborate excuse topped by
another promise that is not kept. Your customer has your money and you have aggravation.
Any of this sound Familiar?

Studies have shown this kind of stress is very distracting, time consuming and invariably impacts on
your company’s productivity.

Don’t you and your staff have better things to do?

What are your options?

There are 3 paths you can take to resolving your problem:

Lawyers /Paralegals –  Most are conscientious but have no or very little collection experience. They can
also be expensive while not being able to guarantee you will get your money.

Collection Agencies –  They do have lots of collection experience but can only take your file so far.

Canadian Corporate Legal Services – We offer you a combination of both worlds at no risk.
Our staff of in-house lawyer and paralegals are collection specialists with years of experience.
They know how to motivate a debtor to pay and avoid irritating them so that they are open to paying off
what they owe. Our legal work on collection is done on a contingency basis so you don’t have to worry
about being stuck with a large legal bill at the end. No collection –  No commission.

Let Canadian Corporate Legal Services help you today because we don’t have anything better to do. And
no one does it better than us!

Unload your problem on us and let us save you the time, aggravation and lost man hours you lose
chasing your nonpaying customers.

What will it cost you? A percentage of your receivable IF we collect. If we don’t collect it costs you
nothing. (If your debtor has to be sued your cost is a low flat suit charge)

What do you gain?

For starters – peace of mind that will let you concentrate on what you do best -growing your business.

  • We offer a no risk solution and you will get fast action. How fast?
  • We’ll have a legal demand out to your debtor within 4 hours of your placing it with us.
  • Improved cash flow and healthier accounts receivable list.
  • Our contact with your customers is made by consummate professionals who use the highest
    standards to insure that there will be no negative impact on your company’s profile.

Who do we service?

  • We have experience collecting for a wide variety of industries and services:
    • manufacturing, transport companies, import-exporters, wholesalers, & service
  • Our experience with unpaid accounts for professional services include:
    • accounting, advertising, architectural, bookkeeping, medical, dental
    • career placement, legal , marketing , psychotherapy & veterinary services.


  • NSF Checks
  • Commercial and Personal Promissory notes
  • Enforcement of Unsatisfied Judgments
  • Domestication of US Judgments
  • Garnishments
  • Writs / Liens Against Property
  • Landlord – Tenant Matters
  • Enforcement of Landlord-Tenant Tribunal Orders
  • Skip Tracing of Debtors
  • Asset Locating

So what are you waiting for? That money is not going to walk in on its own

To have one of our professional debt collectors begin taking care of your account or just to have a
question answered call 416-784-3770 ext 224 today.

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We are members of Qllective, the international debt collection...

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