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Collection Agency or A Law Office? The Discussion Continues

In our last post we discussed special features of collection agencies and we started to examine how they are different from law offices that specialize in collection. Let’s take a deeper look into the subject.

Collection agencies are companies specially licensed to contact debtors and are obliged to comply with
ministry rules. In Ontario they are regulated by the Collection Agency Act. Every one of the collection
staff that works for them has to be personally licensed under the Collection Agency Act.
How do they work?
They are allowed to reach out to debtors either by writing them or by phoning them and request
payment for past due invoices, but they have to follow the rules laid out in the Collection Agency Act.
They will also file a report with a credit reporting agency like Equifax or Trans Union .
What they can’t do?
They cannot file a claim in court or make an appearance in court for you. They cannot take any other
legal steps. When a file gets to the point where court is necessary to collect a debt they are obliged to
turn it over it to a lawyer or paralegal.

In our next post we’ll discuss how lawyers and paralegals can help you with debt collection.