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How the system you set up can minimize collection problems

Getting new business, whether from an established client or a new customer, is the goal of every business, but how you process that business can mean the difference between growth and painful cashflow problems.

We all know what we need to do but we often get so busy that we start taking shortcuts that can come back to haunt us. Don’t allow customers to rush you into skipping steps that will not only protect you but your customer as well.

Take the following advice and you will avoid 90% of your collection problems
Step 1 – send a written quote
Step 2 – make sure your customer signs off on it or confirms approval in writing
Step 3- have a written agreement that nicludes these important basics:
a) Who are the parties
b) what is the scope of the work
c) what is the total cost before tax
d) if there is a deadline, what is it?
e) when and how does this have to be paid for?
f) what happens if payment is late? Will there be interest charged?
g) What happens if there’s a cancellation or a return?
h) is there a personal guarantor or indemnifier?
Step 4 – (if applicable ) ensure all changes and/or extras requested are confirmed in writing including
their additional costs .
Step 5 – Recap any problem that arises and their resolution in an email to your client / customer.