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Important Step Before You File a Claim

A heads up to all of you consumers and business people who are owed money and have taken it upon themselves to start a court action on their own.
This is certainly the least expensive way to go from a dollar and cents point of view as long as you have got the time needed to invest in doing it properly. As the old expression says “the devil is in the details” and this is never truer than when you are drafting any kind of legal document or court claim.

Once again today I had to tell a prospective client that her judgment, which she finally obtained after much effort, was unenforceable because she did not have the proper name of the debtor on the judgment. It also explains why the judgment debtor has been ignoring her for almost four years.

So make sure you have the proper legal name of the company and that you have added any other parties that might be liable for your damages.
90% of your success in court lies in your preparation.